I have mentioned from time to time that I am not a morning person. I try really hard to be a morning person but try as I might, my body is just not wired to be the early bird. I have no desire to catch a worm. So having to be at work at 0800, with a solid hour of commuting time built in the gaiety, is a bit of a struggle for me. Don’t tell my boss but I’m not really awake until noon. They think I’m kidding when come back from lunch and say “good morning”, but in reality I just woke up.

My alarm is set for 0530. Usually.

This morning I was having a lovely dream about “The Love Boat” (I have no idea why that was the theme) when I awoke at what I figured was 0400 or so. I scolded myself for waking up early again and quite upset with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to resume my conversation with Julie McCoy when I went back to sleep. I rolled over to look at the alarm and discovered it wasn’t 0400 after all.

It was 0632.

I normally leave for work at 0635.


Now one would think that this paragraph would contain descriptive, colorful words about e hysteria, panic and subsequent dread that set in as the covers flew off and the cat went flying, but no, I just muttered “Holy shit” and quickly followed it up with “I can do this.”

I flew through the shower in three minutes, cleaning only the important parts and opting not to make my head shine. I brushed my teeth whilst putting only underwear and i skipped the closet ritual of waiting for something to move me and went with just putting on the first clothes that looked reasonably unrumpled to me.

I flew down the stairs, fed the cat, grabbed some blueberries from the fridge, made a sandwich, patted the cat on the head, made sure I had enough coin to buy the orange juice at work and hit the road.

I was on the road by 0647 feeling remarkably calm and well rested.

I was in my cubicle by 0752, a few minutes later than usual but in plenty of time to grab the aforementioned OJ and then get on with my day in the usual fashion.

I’m quite proud of the fact that I accomplished that this morning without the usual hysterics. But as I type this at 1238, I am happy to wish you a good morning.

It’s going to be a lovely day.