The Dignity of Labor.

Earl surprised me this afternoon by inviting me out to lunch, so I didn’t get a chance to follow my usual routine of flying home, gulping down some chow, checking out my favorite blogs and sharing something witty here.

I have to admit a nooner would have been quite nice but probably a little rude in the middle of the restaurant.

Nevertheless, our lunch date was quite enjoyable and a wonderful way to wind up the work week. Actually, the work week is going to keep going for me through Labor Day, as I am the anointed one at work this weekend and have the luxury of being on-call. Let’s see if Ernesto cooperates with the On Call Gods and decides to take a turn away from our area.

Since we’re going to be home all weekend, I think I’m going to work on a few household projects. I think I’m going to work my way up by starting in the basement and throwing out a ton of crap. If it’s still in the moving boxes from December 2003, I think it’s a candidate for getting sold or tossed. Once that’s complete, I have a green screen studio to build so I can get wild with the movie making. I have creative ideas floating around in my head that I’m just aching to share with the internet.

I’m also wondering if I should dare Mother Nature by prepping the garage for car storage this winter. It might be a little early in the season for that.

One thing I’m certain to avoid is excessive time on the computer. I don’t think I’m in the mood for it. There’s too much out there to enjoy and accomplish. Even if it’s close to home.