Hasta La Vista.

Last weekend I mentioned that I was giving the latest version of Microsoft Windows, Vista Ultimate, a spin on the lone PC in the house. I had found the newest offering to be “pretty” but a little confusing for the seasoned Windows power user. It also caused our Airport Extreme base station to lock up. Talk about not playing nice with others! I’d browse the internet a little bit and then I’d find that none of the computers in the house could communicate with the outside, nor with each other.

Hasta La Vista, Vista Ultimate.

I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do when I start school and have to run Windows based programs in the name of education, but for the time-being I’m back to Ubuntu Linux, and it’s running better than ever. I have it looking just as pretty as Vista Ultimate did. In fact, I think it looks even better.

If you want further information on what Ubuntu can do for you, drop me a line.