Little Things.

Sometimes it only takes one little thing to make the day seem brighter and better. This morning I woke up not feeling quite on my game. There were a variety of reasons; it’s been very sticky and hot sleeping the past couple of nights, several of my dreams have been apocalyptic in nature this week and my stomach is feeling a little bit off this morning, undoubtedly because of the nachos and beer I had for supper last night. No regrets though, it was good.

Anyway, Earl and I eat these healthy Special K breakfast bars for breakfast and Earl has a sort of unspoken rule that we don’t open the next box of them until the current box is empty. We’ve been eating strawberry and blueberry bars since we discovered these little goodies, but last week Earl brought home another flavor: Chocolatey Drizzle.

This morning I was finally able to open the Chocolatey Drizzle box. I haven’t had my first bar yet, as it’s sitting to the left of the PowerBook with the promise of breakfasty goodness. But the prospect of eating this little delight has made the morning not so bad.

It’s like a little bar of sunshine.


  1. Sometimes the smallest of treats makes for a better way to start the day. Again, thanks for sharing.

    Myself, on the weekends, its a special blend of Eight O’clock french vanilla bean coffee with decaf. A super way to start the weekend. Big hugs

  2. Well? How was it? Should I invest in that breakfast confection?

    YOu should go to Paris and stock up….nearly ALL cereals have chocolate..even All Bran!

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