When did we, the American People, stop expecting perfection and start accepting “o.k.” when it comes to things? My goodness, these days if you go to Wal*Mart (Always White Trash, Always), you’re grateful if a) the cashier doesn’t slap you across the face for interrupting her time at her station let alone actually thanking you for your patronage and b) you’re happy that whatever you bought actually works/is edible/doesn’t blow up. We’ve come to accept that the newest version of Windows any expensive computer program won’t be perfect, but maybe the next version will be for twice the price. We’re absolutely giddy that the washing machine we bought lasted five years, when our parents and grandparents expected the same sort of purchase to last twenty years!

Why do we put up with this?

Why don’t we care anymore?

Why is it acceptable to be mediocre these days? Why don’t people expect perfection or at least an attempt in that direction?

I’m finding this quite maddening.


  1. It is annoying. I’ve always bitched about the computer software (computers in general). I mean, if a car broke down or failed as often as Windows, we have lemon laws to protect us (in Massachusetts, at least).

    One thing I can say about your blog – it doesn’t suffer from mediocrity!

  2. I agree! The “big purchases” that should last years, last barely 5. My dryer had to be serviced TWICE before it was a year old. Our new frige also needed service. We’re talking Kenmore and Whirlpool, good name brands. PArt of the problem, I am sure, is that everything is either made or assembled overseas. We nolonger have assembly lines of American workers taking pride in their work. It’s all ” how quick and cheap can we get this done/built/ made.” That’s why I like to buy American or local, at least there may be a little better quality.

    Or does this bug you? When you buy something and the directions are just pictures, not words, because it was originated in China or somewhere???? I hate that!

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