On The Side.

With this past weekend’s festivities a fond memory, I’m finding myself very energized since getting back home. I’ve gone on a couple of brisk paced walks and I’m thinking of actually cleaning out the basement this week, with hopes of getting it all done by Saturday.

After all, it’s cooler in the basement.

Earl, being the dear heart that he is, made me a beautiful tuna salad for lunch today. It was strategically placed in the refrigerator with a small little container of dressing on the side. I have this thing about mixing food together, for example, with this tuna salad I ate the tuna first, then the cucumbers, then the lettuce. So that I was able to savor each flavor, I carefully dipped the various ingredients in the little container of dressing. I believe it was a low fat 1000 Islands dressing. Whatever it was, it was out of this world delicious with a capital DE-LISH.

Since I was dipping the tuna, cucumber and lettuce in the dressing, I had quite a bit left over after I finished the salad. Not wanting to waste it, I did the reasonable thing. No, I did not put the leftovers in the refrigerator.

I did the proper thing and downed it like a shot of tequila.

I think I even yelled tequila.

I’m drunk on 1000 Islands Dressing now. I hope there’s no drug testing at work this afternoon.