Not to harp on a negative, but there is one negative aspect of going on vacation. It’s not the getting up early or the schedules or the packing or anything like that. No, it’s something a little closer to my heart.

I really don’t like relocating Tom for the time we are gone.

Our poor kitty cat. He absolutely hates riding in the car. He hates it. Anything that can come out of a cat generally will, he complains about the ride the entire time and he has a look in his eye that can only mildly be described as “pissed”. He glares at me through the holes of his cat carrier mile after mile, almost as if he’s begun some sort of vengeful plot to be carried out when we get home from fun in the sun.

What are parents to do? Since he obviously hates traveling, I don’t think he’d be comfortable for the 8,000 mile journey we are about to embark on. He’d be parallel parked in his “kennel cab” between a cooler and my laptop bag. I mean, while the PowerBook is quite beautiful (at least to me), is it really appropriate to be staring at that through metal bars as we drive through the desert? No, he’s much happier at his gramp’s with his two cousins that have no idea what to do when there’s a male cat in the house.

I have to admit that tonight it’s a little unusual in the house not to hear the patter of paws, the tickling of the ivories from his runs up the piano or the crashing of some random knick knack in a far corner of the house. He’s probably spending the evening looking surly and getting to know the two broads we’ve saddled him up with for the next two weeks.

I’m sure he’ll complain about the whole ordeal on his ride home when we get back.


  1. Hello again… there must be quite an experience to have a pet home and get to know the language they use to complain or express any other feeling. I was never into pets, but lately I was thinking about getting a dog. Since i Live in a apartment, I would get a small one like a Lhasa Aspo or, if I get too crazy about it, get a Lab! I love labs, altough I am not THAT MUCH into dogs either… anyway you guys made a great decision to leave Tom with his gramp.

  2. Ah, this is what worries me about our move to San Francisco next month. We have a 12-year-old Maine Coon, Alexander Graham Bell-the-cat, who really really hates the car. But I can’t imagine trying to fly with him cross-country; it seems too cruel to put him into cargo, and he’d have to be heavily sedated for eight hours to go under the seat. So I’m leaning towards taking him along in the car when Jeff and I drive out to CA, hoping that at some point over the four- to five-day trip (hopefully sooner rather than later) he’ll get used to the experience, and stop screaming.

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