April 18, 2006

Spin Cycle.

I’m writing this blog entry using TextEdit because the SQL server on jpnearl.com is down. I’ve put in a support ticket to our hosting company but I have not heard a response. This has been happening quite a bit lately with our hosting company, I hope it doesn’t become a habit because it tends to make a geek cranky. Plus, I’m getting messages from Earl stating that he can’t blog and he has to right now!. Keep your fingers crossed.

I’m finding going to the gym similar to going to the laundromat. I know that’s an odd comparison but every time I’m working off the calories on the spazzmaster I can’t help but think that the heavily made up woman that jumps on the machine next to me must be nicknamed Speed Queen. She gets up on the spazzmaster and chug chug chugs along, obviously to a high paced beat thumping through her headphones. I don’t think I understand the need to put makeup on to go to the gym, but then again all I do to get ready for the gym is comb my face and make sure I’m wearing clothes without spaghetti sauce dribbled down the front. I wonder if this same woman puts on makeup to go to the laundromat.

When I’m over in the treadmill area, someone near me will always kick it up into high and start running, which I think is great. More power to them. At first this would remind me of the opening of the Six Million Dollar Man when he would ramp it up to 60 MPH, but now I’m reminded of the laundromat, because the treadmill running at high sounds like a heavily used washing machine kicking into spin. I wonder if the runner will cool down with a Fresca, since Fresca is a totally laundromat drink.

Remember when you used to get glass bottles out of the soda machine at the laundromat? You needed to use the bottle opener and everything. These glass bottles were used over and over, sanitized in between uses for your protection. Once I got a Fresca that had someone else’s straw in it. But the straw was clean.

Our gym does have beer available in the front lobby. I think that’s kind of cool, but I haven’t indulged yet.

One of my favorite activities while working is out is watching the guys and girls lift weights and work on their upper body muscle tone. I love to watch muscles pop and bulge and show the results of hard work and dedication. On the other hand, I really like watching guys take off their shirt at the laundromat and throw it in the washer, and then sling a full laundry basket full of dirty clothes into the big 50-pounder washing machine.

I guess it’s all relative.