Willoughby, Ohio.

Earl and I have settled in for the first night of “The Great Jeep Tour 2006”. We have installed ourselves in a Fairfield Inn in Willoughby, Ohio.

We hit the road this afternoon aroiund 4:30 p.m., hitting I-90 westbound. Our first destination is Louisville, Kentucky, which we’ll be visiting Saturday to Monday night. Earl has a trade show go to for work, which gave us a great headstart on our journey out west.

My supervisor at work reminded me that I had a little bit of extra comp time I hadn’t used, so I was able to leave a couple of hours early. It was the cap to a good week at work and reminded me why I appreciate the people I work for.

Since we were anxious to get out of New York State as quickly as possible, we settled on a quick supper at TGIF in Cheektowaga outside of Buffalo. Nothing kicks off vacation eating like a New York Strip with Jack Daniel’s sauce. I’m going to have to remember to keep healthy eating in the back of my mind so I can continue to fit into the clothes I packed for the trip!

Tomorrow, it’s Louisville.