Earl the Birthday Boy.

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For most, one’s birthday is a milepost in this journey of life. For many, birthdays are not celebrated but rather despised because it’s a reminder that we are getting older. These folks pine for the good ol’ days and fear what lies ahead.

Not us.

Today is Earl’s birthday. Since he’s the emotionally stable one in the relationship (who would have guessed?), there were no hysterics, no depression and no regrets. He believes as I do, you’re only as old as you feel. The body is nothing more than a vehicle for the young spirit inside. He’s the playful, young-at-heart guy I met over 10 years ago. Does he have a serious side? Of course he does; he’s the responsible half of this dynamic duo, but he’s still a kid at heart that likes a good adventure.

We drove home from suburban Philly today by taking “the scenic route”. A five hour trip took nearly nine hours. We passed through his old stomping ground of Williamsport, Pa. in the central part of the state. He showed me a few key spots from that time in his life. I showed him a good time later on by picking up the tab for dinner at Benchwarmer’s in Ithaca, N.Y. Of course, I used his casino winnings to do so, but it was the thought that counts.

Happy birthday sweetheart!