Stop Slurping.

This afternoon when I arrived for lunch I heard a familiar, yet unwelcome sound coming from the kitchen. It was the gasping and wheezing of Tom’s water fountain. I forgot to fill it with water this morning before leaving for work.

Tom is the poster cat for “The Pampered Pet”. He gets his meals served two times a day in stunning stainless steel. He also has a water fountain that encourages more drinks of water by providing a playful water stream for him to sip from. His third such contraption, this one resembles a mushroom with water that slides down all sides so that he has a choice as to where to lick the water from. He usually opts for the back, closest to the wall. Apparently he is a private drinker.

The water fountain is relatively maintenance free; you have to clean it and change the filters periodically. You also have to keep the reservoir filled with water so it doesn’t run dry. It has the same type of motor found in a small aquarium pump.

I filled the water and found that it was still making that incessent slurping noise that was really getting on my nerves. So I had to take the whole thing apart and clean out the intake. Unfortunately Tom has a habit of chewing his kibble and then discarding it in the bowl part of his water fountain so there’s was some soggy Meow Mix obstructing the water flow. Once I had that under control everything was working fine.

Tom thanked me by making litter burying motions with his left paw towards the fountain. I guess he thinks that stuff is hot shit.