It’s official in our merry little household. We took down the Christmas trees, put away the holiday knick-knacks and retrieved all the ornaments Tom stole from the bottom of the trees and batted under the couch. The holidays are officially over.

When I was child I used to get quite misty eyed when it was time to take down the Christmas tree. I think part of the reason was because Christmas was such a mad dash in our house. Our family usually put the tree up the Sunday before Christmas and took it down the Sunday after. The decorations were up for two weeks at the most. The blinking lights, my favorite smiling cat ornament, the tinsel, the garland and other boxes full of decorations were all put away in a secret location for the next 50 weeks. The were put in a secret location because I’d usually trot the lights out in June or July just to look at them and think back on the previous Christmas and how much I enjoyed the holidays.

Even at seven I had drama going on.

I don’t tear up anymore when we “disassemble the holidays.” I’m too busy thinking about how much work is involved with the task. Plus, since we have an artificial tree, I don’t have the missing pine smell to remind me that there’s no longer a tree in the house. But it’s all worth it. The season was joyous this year and I wouldn’t trade it in for any other experience.

Even though we’re over a week in 2006, it’s only today for us that the holidays are officially over. It’s going to seem weird when my sister comes back from Russia in February for a visit and we exchange Christmas gifts. It’ll be like taking my holiday cheer out of the secret location early and remembering how joyous the holidays are. I guess I’ll feel like a kid again.