I am spending the next two nights in Marlborough, Mass. for some training for work. It’ll be two days of pure geek as I learn the ins and outs of computer networking so that I’ll be a better prepared for the additional duties of my job.

It’s very strange to be here in Marlborough. You see, I lived in this area for a couple of years back in the late 1980s. I had a couple of temp jobs before settling down for a two and a half year stint with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). On my way here tonight, I drove by a couple of the buildings I used to temp at with DEC. They’re HP buildings now (since HP bought Compaq who bought DEC in the mid 90s), but I didn’t expect to see the facility codes still prominently displayed on the outside. Building MRO2 is still MRO2! I had friends that worked at MRO2! I wonder where they are today.

I had also completely forgotten how combative driving is in eastern Massachusetts. Whew! Good thing I bought the Acura so I could kick some ass on I-495 and the Mass. Pike.

Now, off to find some supper…