Earl and I are in the process of planning this year’s vacations. Because of the way my work likes to schedule things, we’ve already planned our two vacations for the year. We have a five day weekend coming up in February and then a 12 day vacation in May. The February plans are falling apart all over the place, as we were planning on going to Disney but there’s no space at Mickey’s place the weekend we wanted to go. (Time to bank the time share points!)

Our May trip on the other hand, is coming together spectacularly well. We’re driving to Phoenix and back on a grand Jeep tour. I wonder who’s idea that was (as I bat my eyes innocently).

I’ve always wanted to drive across the country. While we’re not making it from coast to coast, we are driving across a substantial portion of the U.S. and back, and we’re going to barrell right through the “red” states with our blue state sensibilities in check and in practice. I’m looking forward to seeing the gradual change in terrain and accents and weather and all as we drive from Upstate N.Y. to Arizona and back.

Now the task at hand is to plan the activities for the trip. I want to drive on Route 66 a bit. I want to experience local diners and back roads. I wish I could be guaranteed a tornado while we drive through Oklahoma.

So much planning to do!