Back On My Game.

It’s amazing what sleep can do for one’s body. Last night I was about to get almost nine hours of sleep with only one interruption. I’m feeling much more like myself today. There’s no fog hanging over everything I’m trying to say, see or do. I’m also coming a little out of my shell again as well and I will probably be accepting visitors after this run of on-call is over with on Monday morning.

Long ago I was told by an unfortunate mistake of a man I was dating that my personality revolves in predictable cycles and that anyone coupled with me would find me to be maddening. Of course, this came from a nut job that I really shouldn’t have been seeing at the time anyway. I still remember the sigh of relief when I simply hung up the phone on him while he was babbling on about what my problem was. I giggled and took comfort in knowing that I would never speak or see him again. Now that I think about it, back in the day I was quite harsh when I decided to stop seeing someone. For example, one guy I saw while I lived near Boston had all his wisdom teeth pulled and he wanted to spend the weekend at my apartment in the suburbs to recuperate. So Friday night I drove him out and tried to keep him comfortable. Come Saturday afternoon I simply couldn’t take his whining anymore, and I told my roommate to help him pack up his stuff and to get him out of my sight. I didn’t speak to the man again, ever. I feel no remorse.

I’m looking forward to settling down to a weekend at home and the universe willing, enjoying a relatively quiet ending to my bout with on-call. The next week I’m in Massachusetts for some Cisco router training for work.

I hope one of the guys I dumped isn’t there!