New Orleans.

They say, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”. Las Vegas has nothing on The Big Easy. My husband and I have been in all 50 states. The most debauchery we’ve ever encountered is in New Orleans. People let loose in New Orleans and there’s nothing wrong with that. Anyone and everyone, no matter the color, no matter the gender, shape, size, whatever, needs to do that from time to time. We are at our best when we are honest and allow ourselves to be who we are. New Orleans is an amazing city. There’s music in the air, drinks flowing everywhere, and all sorts of other things that would make a mother blush. But in addition to all of this, the city generates a lot of garbage. All over the streets. People try but there’s no room in the garbage cans. It’ll be cleaned up by tomorrow morning, and we thank the city of New Orleans for that. In the meanwhile, we take a photo next to a hitching post. And eat pizza. And everyone in earshot knows I’m a pilot because, well, I fly airplanes (but not for at least eight hours from this moment).