One Carry-On Per Cubicle.

I’ve noticed a recent trend with professional people walking to their office. They’re dragging their briefcase behind them. On wheels.

What’s up with that?

It wasn’t too long ago that any given businessman or businesswoman on the street was carrying a leather clad briefcase at their side. Inside held all the secrets of the their profession; paperwork about the next deal, a portfolio displaying their abilities, the proposal for the big meeting. Then of course, laptop computers became all the rage, so the hard cased briefcase gave way to the soft-sided carrying bag which was a little larger than the briefcase but still had that “professional” appearance to it. Now everyone seems to be using their airline carry-on luggage to transport their computers and paperwork back and forth to the office. There they are, wheeled suitcase behind them to create yet another obstacle on the sidewalk, bumping along over the cracks in the concrete.

When did people become so lazy that they couldn’t carry their own briefcase?

I find it hard to believe that the laptops of today are heavier than the laptops of five years ago when people actually carried them. You’re not going to convince me of otherwise, because as technology becomes more popular and more affordable, it also makes strides in the direction of miniaturization. And with all this technology at our fingertips, there should be less paperwork, handouts, etc. to cart around in your briefcase, right?

So why have people become so lazy that it’s too much of an effort to carry their own briefcase?

I won’t drag my luggage through an airport by its wheels, let alone drag it to work. Admittedly I drive Earl crazy when we’re traveling, because I insist on actually carrying our luggage instead using the built in wheels that were made for nothing larger than a Hot Wheels car. He says I’m nuts. I prefer “eccentric”, but “nuts” works for me as well.

At least I’m not lazy.