November 13, 2005

Weekends With Friends Are Always Good.

Earl and I spent the weekend in Buffalo with our friends Tim and Steve. The fun included Buffalo Bears night at Buddies II, which is always a good time hanging out with the great group of guys in the club. It was the variety show night with singing and videos and all sorts of stuff. I didn’t put one of my transporter videos into the show though. Maybe next year. Nevertheless it’s good to be with like minded people.

We always eat well when we’re in Buffalo. Last night we went to “Founding Fathers” for dinner and then to “Cole’s” for brunch today. Excellent meals at both places, both are highly recommended.The buildings in Buffalo are so cool. They’re so comfy in their late 19th and early 20th century feel. It seems like the old buildings around here are all getting ripped down. There’s something to be said for these old buildings and their atmosphere and history.

Now its time to get some sleep.