November 29, 2005

Holiday Spirit.

Holiday Spirit.

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Earl and I had our friend Eric over for dinner tonight. We enjoyed some great food, good wine and engaging conversation.

He also brought us two of these cute little Christmas trees. They are powered by the USB port on your computer. They change colors and are quite festive. Eric is a bit of “light geek” and this is right up his alley. Now I’m looking at all the toys you can get for your USB port.

Click and shop. Yep, that works for me.

Happy Spring!

It’s Tuesday, November 29, 2005. As I look at my weather station on my desk, I notice that it is currently 67.8 degrees fahrenheit with a strong wind out of the west. 67.8 degrees. 67.8 DEGREES! It feels like spring here in Upstate N.Y.! Too bad it’s just a diversion from the winter weather that undoubtedly lies ahead.

I don’t care. I’m going to celebrate by driving back to work with all the windows down, the sunroof open and “La Vie Boheme” from the Rent soundtrack cranked. If the song ends before I’m at work, Madonna’s “Jump” from Confessions On A Dance Floor is next.