Earl and I attended my family’s traditional Thanksgiving-Christimas dinner at Halloween celebration today. The tradition started nine years ago when my grandfather remarried and started going to Florida right after Election Day. Since he and his wife weren’t going to be around for the holidays, we’d all celebrate early with a delicious buffet and a smattering of presents. It was a good time to get together with all my cousins and such and catch up with the family.

I didn’t know if the tradition would continue since my grandfather passed on in July, but I was glad to find out that everything was going to go as planned. So Earl and I trucked up north and went through the whole early holiday dinner routine. It was good to catch up with the family and share some stories. It’s probably the last time we’d see my sister before she heads back to Moscow to join her boyfriend while he plays hockey. She’s going to be gone until April this time. This is going to be an odd holiday season. Thank goodness for the internet and webcams.