A Little Peace Please.

I came home at lunch to relax a little and enjoy some brief moments of quiet time to myself. I didn’t want to do anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t want to be entertained. I didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to tap dance on the ceiling. I just wanted to sit down, gather my thoughts, take some nice deep breaths and then head back to work centered and focused.

When I arrived home the garbage cans were in the middle of the road creating all sorts of chaos. I have a hunch they were headed down to the expressway to play in the street.

When I did my business and tried to flush the toilet, the handle became disconnected from the flap, preventing me from flushing said toilet. I had to put that back together in fear of a nasty smell when I got home from work tonight. My hands will smell lovely as I type at work this afternoon.

Tom decided that the custom woodwork around the bathroom door would make a wonderful ladder to entertain me from as I was slaving over the toilet. He then launched himself at the new bathmat and skidded across the floor, knocking into the plunger. He’s such a comedian.

On the bright side, Earl has cancelled tonight’s trip to Vermont, so he will be able to join me as I head to Syracuse to have dinner with my mother and sister. A little bright spot in the afternoon.

To keep it all in perspective, if this is the worse I have to bitch about then I guess I’m a pretty lucky guy.