Peel to Prosperity.

Normally I shun McDonalds. I was once a huge fan of the chain and basically lived a “Supersize Me” existence when I was working nights on the Top 40 radio station. I could name every Mcburger, past and present, and even knew regional offerings throughout the country. Had my hair been a little redder and a little more plentiful, I could have been named Ronald.

A couple of years ago when I went on my health kick, the first thing I did was dump the McDonalds and friends fast food habit with one exception, and that was Chick-Fil-A. (There’s no Chick-Fil-As near us, so it was safe to keep it on the board as a rare treat.)

This past Monday McDonalds kicked off their annual Monopoly game, where you can win cool prizes, hot food and fun for the whole family. I don’t know why I obsess about this game, but I do and this year is no exception. I’ve eaten at McDonalds three times in the past week and at each visit have upped my grilled chicken sandwich to the “large” value meal so that I can get extra stickers. I have set up my game boards on my desk so that I can monitor my progress to winning a new car or a chance to be in an upcoming Buena Vista movie. I am saving my “Best Buy Bucks” for a DVD purchasing frenzy. I even considered posting “In Case Of Fire” signs on the walls through the house with the following instructions: 1. Save The Spouse. 2. Save The Cat. 3. Save The Computers. 4. Save the Stickers. I might have a fire drill over the weekend to make sure alternate escape plans are in place.

I considered meeting with our lawyer to modify the will so that I could negotiate who would take over the peeling fun, but he doesn’t take free breakfast sandwich stickers in payment.