Cancellation of Judging Amy, Revisited.

I wrote this blog entry back when I had first learned of the cancellation of Judging Amy. I’ve written numerous e-mails and a couple of snail mails to CBS since my first blog entry.

I haven’t heard one single peep back from anyone in the organization. Not even an intern.

Apparently there’s still quite the ruckus among viewers over the cancellation of Judging Amy as I receive one or two e-mails a week in response to my original blog entry on the subject.

There’s rumor that there will be a two hour series finale some time next season to wrap up loose ends. It’s also been suggested by a few critics that the show taking over the time slot, which I won’t name here, is going to be a classic failure and “Judging Amy” should be brought back as a mid-season replacement.

I’m leaving the entry in my TiVo in hopes that it’ll return to first run television. I still urge you to write to CBS if you want to see Judging Amy come back in any shape or form.