Blame The Banana.

Last week I made a slight change in my dietary routine in that I added bananas back to the mix. With my ongoing obsession about my health (and no body to show for it), I had been doing some reading on the internet and once again perused the benefits of five servings of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.

Now I’m not a big banana fan. I enjoy them for the most part, but they create a great deal of stress in my life. You can’t really hide them in the “fruits and vegetables” bin in the refrigerator and then forget about it until that one day a month you clean out your refrigerator. No, they just hang there on a stick in the middle of the kitchen table, reminding you constantly that they are there, awaiting your consumption. The change color slightly, hourly, every precious minute ticking away, one moment closer to their death and your neglience. There’s a lot of stress involved in maintaining bananas. At the grocery store I always look for a bunch of five or less. I’m not one of those whacky shoppers that would pick up a bunch of eight, I’d probably work myself into quite a frenzy from the stress of having to eat eight bananas before they turned black.

Then there’s the whole “banana stomach” affliction. When I started at my job last year, early into the game I ate a banana at my desk for a mid-morning snack. My co-worker asked if I ever suffer from “banana stomach”. Apparently this is something that makes you feel slightly ill, lethargic or gassy. I can’t put my finger on the ailment because I routinely suffer from all three at work.

Anyways, after a long reprive of eating bananas, I jumped on the bandwagon last week in yet another attempt to try to maintain a health lifestyle. Since eating the bananas, I’ve added a couple of pounds to this frame. No more than three. Maybe two. Possibly seven. It’s hard to read the scale when its airborne after having been kicked across the room.

I originally was going to eat bananas only last week and then that would be my fruits and vegetables contribution to my diet until 2007 or so, but Earl did the grocery shopping last weekend and being the love that he is, picked up a bunch of six. So now I have to slurp a banana down every day until Saturday.

Maybe I’ll make them into a milkshake.