It’s A Miracle There’s So Many Versions.

I’m tossing around the idea of remixing and remaking the old chestnut “It’s A Miracle” by Barry Manilow. It seems like a respectable project to christen the music studio. I’ve always been a big fan of the track, and I don’t think Will Smith has turned it into a rap track. Thank [insert favorite deity here].

I’m actually chomping at the bit to get working on several music projects I have tossing around in my chaotic head, “It’s A Miracle” being just one of many. But no, I end up sitting here waiting for the last component to come in after being on back-order since the end of the March. It’s an important part, it allows the output of my mixing board to get into my Mac Mini. Kind of crucial.

Anyways, I’m working on getting the song intimately, listening to it over and over on my iPod. (How many men do you know that wants to get intimate with Barry Manilow?) I’ve downloaded every version available on iTunes, and they’re all different. Leave it to Barry to throw out all these different versions.

One of the things I enjoy about Barry Manilow is that he’s a real musician. He actually employs music techniques that I learned in my music theory classes back in college. There’s sensible key changes. There’s a real melody. The counterpoint and tone color. Real instruments. Real backup singers.

And there’s six different versions of this song and I suspect I haven’t snagged them all yet.

Back in 1993, Barry released a remix of “Copacabana”, which was respectively updated to an early 1990s song. He followed up that remix with a lesser-known remix of “Could It Be Magic”. I have a hunch that there’s a remix to “It’s A Miracle” floating around somewhere out there as well.

Another remake that’s really, really cool is “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” by a group called Baxendale. They took a really cool spin on the old Human League classic. I kind of wish the Human League would do something similar with their own song. Did you know the Human League is still alive and kicking? If you’re into iTunes, do a search for “All I Ever Wanted” from their latest album. GREAT TRACK.

Now if I could just get that last component for the studio so I can get my ideas down on the Mac Mini!