Haiku, Not Quite, One Koosh Ball.

I’ve added another blog to my ever growing list of daily reading. Shall we have a round of applause for the latest entry to the list, Ms. Rosie O’Donnell.

I was a huge Rosie O’Donnell fan back in the day. Long before her talk show, back when she was doing the stand-up circuit, “Gimme A Break” and other assorted projects. I [ahem] borrowed a few of her jokes for a stand up routine I did back in Jamestown, N.Y. I can still remember the day I discovered her talk show. It was the first or second week, and I was on vacation at a gay campground, back in my rowdy days. I was snoozing in the camper, watching the 7-inch television and there’s Rosie O’Donnell interviewing Diedre Hall. Forget the soap, Rosie wanted to show pictures of Diedre as ElectraWoman (from ElectraWoman and DynaGirl). Two things were confirmed for me at this moment: 1. Rosie has a wicked cool sense of pop culture. 2. Yeah, she’s one of us.

We even had the opportunity to sit in the studio audience of her show during the second season. I was even selected to sing with John Mc D and the Mc DLT’s during the pre-game show with the comic Joey. The experience was fun, but Rosie was a tad bit cranky between segments. A little bit of a wake-up call. Looking back, I guess she was under a great deal of pressure. I do have her autograph, on a thank you letter she sent to me because I sent her a whole box of radio station t-shirts, mix tapes I made and some other music that probably should have gone to a Wow FM listener. Oh well.

As time went on, we kind of lost interest in her show because it was just getting a bit ordinary and a little too political. The whole “we didn’t turn the set around for Barbra” period was kind off odd. We didn’t hang around for the Tom Selleck incident. Then she finally came out of the closet, in a very dignified, respectable manner, may I add and we forgave her and watched the last season of her show.

Then she kind of spazzed out a little bit again but now she’s doing her thing.

Anyways, her blog is kind of hard to read because she has a very unique writing style, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Have a peek.