Magic Kingdom.

Earl and I spent the day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It always seems like one has to start their Disney experience at Magic Kingdom, as it’s the original theme park here at Walt Disney World. There were many new attractions this year, including Mickey’s Philharmagic, which is the most spectacular piece of cinematography I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience.

We decided to take it at a leisurely pace, enjoying the sites and various attractions. Always on the path of self discovery, I discovered my own little magic today. Earl and I decided to look into the Disney Vacation Club and had a little chat with cast member Ron. When he started filling out the paperwork for our upcoming open house visit, he asked our relationship, in which I replied “Lover” while Earl replied “Partner” in stereo. Ron stammered very briefly before commending us on being so open about our relationship. Come to find out he’s gay too. But what he told us was that he basically admired couples like us, because we are an openly gay couple that has nothing to hide, we’re just being ourselves, and that is the best way to show the rest of the world the truth about gay relationships. It was a nice pat on the ego. It’s funny, because I’ve always been under the impression that we have to be out campaigning and becoming politically vocal and all that, and while that still rings true when its appropriate, it’s also nice to be recognized as a couple of guys that are in love that are just setting an example for mainstream America.

Earl commented later that he was surprised by my use of “lover”, as I usually refer to him as my partner. Lately I’ve been finding partner to be too business-like and in the past I’ve found lover to be too “in your face”. I guess I don’t care anymore.

We had a wonderful lunch and dinner throughout the day. We also very much enjoyed the Spectralmagic Parade and the “Wishes” fireworks show.

All in all, a naturally Wonderful Day at the Magic Kingdom.