February 18, 2005


I’m not feeling overly inspired to write in my blog today. I’m home for lunch, forging through blowing and drifting snow to do so, and then I get to my PowerBook and BAM! Nothing.

So here I am just babbling on the internet. Earl is en route to his office, having a 7:00 a.m. meeting outside of Albany this morning. It’s amazing how much work has affected my typing style. Being a support tech, I type in trouble tickets (logs) all day long and without thinking I originally typed that sentence about Earl like this: Earl enr to off, using the typical geek shorthand that I use. Anyways, I hope his trip is safe since there’s apparently whiteout conditions on the Thruway.

There’s another shorthand phrase I use at work that hearkens from my programming days… “Cust will call w further tble else close tkt EOB.” It’s that clever use of ELSE from when I used to program in BASIC. Translated, “the customer won’t call if everything is fine, if we don’t hear from them, close the trouble ticket at the end of the day.”

I know, it’s all terribly mundane. But I amuse myself easily.

Tom and I have finally come to an understanding regarding my PowerBook. I have to face the fact that he’s just going to walk all over my desk whether I like it or not. However, he’s accepted the fact that the PowerBook is off limits and he’s content sleeping on the telephone on the other portion of my desk. As long as he’s not making any long distance calls, we’re fine.

Surprisingly, the day is flying by. I’m leaving work an hour early today (gotta love comp time), so I can get Earl a birthday present. I have no idea what to get him, since he says that the trip to Florida is his present, but I can’t let his birthday go by without giving him something else. Maybe I’ll surprise him and give whatever I decide to buy to him while we’re on the plane. He’ll be contently sleeping in the aisle seat, or next to the window, I’ll be wedged between him and someone else and I’ll throw an elbow into his side and give him a present.

That’ll be romantic.

Thinking about that scenario has inspired me with ideas for his present. I guess there was a reason to write in the blog after all.