No Award.

I just realized that the Grammy Awards were this past Sunday. Not being in the radio industry anymore, I was delighted to find out that the Grammys had gone by and I wasn’t even aware of it.

I’m not a big fan of the award shows. I think they are over-hyped, overrated wastes of time. Maybe I’m bitter because no one has ever offered me an award for doing my job. Well, that’s a lie. Back in 1989 I did earn “Employee of the Quarter” when I worked for Digital. That’s was an honor that still lives on my resumé to this day.

But I don’t get this whole idea of getting dressed up in outrageous outfits, sitting in an audience and hoping someone calls out my name because I did a really goob job at my latest gig. Wouldn’t the paycheck, positive reviews and recognition on the street be accolades enough? Apparently not. I think now we’re suppose to care about the upcoming Oscars. I heard Leonardo Di Caprio is up for The Aviator, along with a bunch of other awards. It was a great movie, so if there has to be awards given out, I suppose The Aviator is deserving. But do we have to accompany the Academy Awards with these pre-game shows? And then we have Plastica (Joan Rivers) doing a whole fashion run down for weeks afterwards. Who cares! Look in the mirror, you plastic bitch, then we’ll talk.

The best award show (if there is such a thing) ever was the Emmys after 9/11. Ellen DeGeneres did a fabulous job hosting, Babs took your breath away with her closing number, but more importantly, attendees were urged to wear business casual attire rather than these outlandish outfits. Everyone looked respectable. Everyone had dignity. Why did it take a national disaster to make an award show tolerable?

I know, I know, I can just change the channel and ignore the whole thing.

Maybe I’ll just do that.