Going Through Life In The Dark.

Earl commented this morning that I’m starting my day out in the dark. I don’t think he was calling me dense, though he could have been alluding to that in some way. He doesn’t really understand why I start out the morning, especially this week on the early shift, walking around the house getting ready for work in the dark.

It’s just that I enjoy the natural light, be it starlight, firelight, moonlight or sunlight. I also enjoy watching the neighbors shower, and keeping the house dark allows me to peer directly into their bathroom without their knowledge.

I’m kidding.


I went on about this recently but I just find natural light so much more pleasing and centering. I have a better focus throughout the day if I don’t assault all my senses with the harsh, bright glare of artificial light. On the other hand, perhaps I’m hiding in the dark from what I don’t want to face throughout the day. I can psychoanalyze myself from here to eternity and back.

I guess it’s better being in the dark than going through life in a fog.