Ray Of Light.

It’s a beautiful, chilly day in Upstate N.Y. here in mid January. Even though it was 30 degrees warmer last week, I’m enjoying the weather today. Why? Because the sun is out.

It’s amazing what sunlight can do for the psyche. I’m not a big fan of bright lights. I should say that I’m not a big fan of bright artificial lighting, especially fluorescent lighting. Even though light bulb manufacturers advertise and mark their fluorescent tubes as “cool white” or “warm glow”, I still find the light from them quite harsh. Very distracting. Very artificial.

I’m nearly fanatical (big shocker there) about the light bulbs in the house. I try not to get bulbs bigger than 60 watts. I opt to employ many lights, rather than bright lights. Plus, I always go for the blue “natural” light bulbs that have surfaced over the past couple of years. Around my plants, I always use “grow bulbs”. I’m trying to rationalize the purchase of one of those “full spectrum natural lights” you see in the health section of the grocery store, but it seems like they’re too darn expensive (almost $10 for one light bulb!) and for my frivolous ways.

Being out in the sunlight, even though I’m bundled up with hat, gloves and heavy jacket, does wonders to improve my mood and energy for the rest of the workday. Maybe I should get one of those full spectrum lights for my nightstand, I might not be so cranky when I get up in the morning.


  1. I was feeling the EXACT same way today. I really think I have SAD, sesonal affective disorder. It’s when people get depressed and cranky when the number of daylight hours dwindles. Every winter I feel run down and sad. Today, however, I bundled all my critters, human and canine, and forced everyone to walk outside. I felt so much better, like my old self even. I live for days like today.

  2. I had to go look at your profile. I was thinking to myself, is JP’s sign cancer?? I swear to you, you type things I was thinking. Are you affected by the moon phases? Just curious, I am.

    June 25th here….

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