Media Redemption.

Now that we have DirecTV and TiVo behaving correctly, Earl and I have been starting to get into our old routine of the television shows – “Judging Amy”, “The West Wing” and “American Dreams”. Notice that I’ve left “Will and Grace” off the list. I figure that show is too far gone, and too insulting to my gay sensibilities to give it any attention. The fat lady sang long ago on that one.

“Judging Amy” has a whole new set of writers and while the shows has a slightly different feel to it from last season, I must say that I am enjoying it very much. My interest in the show waned briefly a couple of weeks ago, mainly because it was full of so much angst and turmoil that I was very depressed after watching it. But it bounced back the following week, despite heart attacks, M-S and other assorted plot line inducing drama.

I was very skeptical about “The West Wing”, especially since there was a threat of an asteroid obliterating the planet this week, but I just find Allison Janney too cool for words still. With her unlikely promotion from Press Secretary to Chief of Staff, I’m sure she doesn’t have time to perform “The Jackal” as she did in the first season, but I’ll manage. We always have it on the Season One DVD.

I wasn’t too interested in “American Dreams” after last season, especially since the 60s timeline was getting a little screwy and again, a little too much drama going on, but when I saw Luke with a full beard in all his hunky glory, they earned a spot on the TiVo Season Pass list again. It’s not a bad show still, though its a little heavy on the weak acting.

My shaved head friend Thom mentioned “Airline” on A & E over a year ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since, and now I have Earl hooked on the show. It’s amazing how rude, stupid and unbelievable some airline passengers really are. I’ll stick to the Jeep, thank you very much, if only to avoid sitting next to a woman eating a sandwich made out of some exotic animal like Yak.