The Stars.

So last night was a full moon so it wasn’t the best night for stargazing. I still wanted to take the telescope out and see what it could do, and since Mother Nature wasn’t bringing us any storms, I set the telescope up in the driveway and took it for a test spin.

The iPhone app that is used in tandem with the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ telescope is awesome. It helps you pinpoint what you’re looking for, with a bullseye that turns green when you’ve located the celestial object you want to gaze at.

Even though the sky was saturated with moonlight, I was able to get a good view at Altair through the eyepiece and it was right where it was suppose to be.

I also took a peek at the Moon and it looked awesome, with its lines and craters and little bright spots. I now need to read up on capturing photos with this telescope.

I’m looking forward to taking it out during the New Moon in two weeks.