It’s well into the 70s here in the Sonoran Desert and the sun is shining brightly. When I went on my hike earlier this morning I noticed a lot of the flora was starting to show some color and the like. One of the fastest running deer also shot by me early in my adventure this morning; I’m assuming they’re as excited about the nice weather as I am.

Earl asked me a couple of times this past week if I was going to shave and I did last night. I’m back to my previous facial hair configuration, simply because I am not mentally to have that much grey hair growing on my face at this point of my life. Vanity? Of course. I need my appearance to match how I see myself as much as possible in order to keep my wits about me. Vanity? Of course.

Apparently I got a little bit of sun during my hike this morning. I need to be better at keeping that sort of thing in check.