February 25, 2024

Be Inspired.

Earl suggested we enjoy the beautiful day and drive up nearby Mount Lemmon. I told him I wanted to do some reading and writing today, so I brought my computer along in case we found a place where I could do a few things I wanted to do. I found some inspiration at the Inspiration Point Picnic Area, near the top of Mount Lemmon.

‘Twas a beautiful moment.

It was about 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than the temperature at home, and it was quite breezy. I loved every moment of our stop there. The wind making its way through the evergreens was especially magical; I will never tire of that sound. In fact, I probably need to find a sound effect that replicates the pleasantries so if I’m feeling anxious at work or something I can spray some pine mist and listen to that sound on headphones.