February 7, 2024

Flight Decisions.

I had planned on flying this afternoon. It’s been a week or two since my last flight and I was looking forward to going up solo and just playing around with the airplane a little, doing a few landings at a nearby field, and then heading to home base to airplane away. 

A simple one hour flight.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and I ended up canceling the flight. When it comes to aviation safety, I am quite conservative.

Today was one of those days where I don’t like making a weather call. We all know the weather is always changing, but today the forecasters couldn’t make their mind up on the timing as to when the storms would be clearing out of the area and the forecast kept jumping in and out of my planned flight time. So I played it safe and called off the flight. The decision was a good one, thunderstorms were in the area at the beginning of my planned flight time and that’s never good. Mother Nature decided to be funny and bring out the sunshine about an hour later, but then storm clouds quickly followed and more rain moved into the area.

I made the right decision.  Going with my gut is always the right decision.  It doesn’t mean that I enjoyed making that decision though. It’s just part of the plan to become a very old pilot.

Storms are suppose to blow through for the next few days so I probably won’t look at flying again until one night next week. Hopefully Mother Nature will settle down a bit and get herself sorted out so I can enjoy the friendly skies.