February 18, 2024


We are currently at a Starbucks in Phoenix, Arizona. We arrived in Phoenix yesterday to get a head start on Earl’s birthday celebration. We did a little shopping, ate a lot of food, went to a bar (the Gay Rodeo is in town!) and now it’s the next day. I haven’t had a hot shower (the hotel wasn’t big on hot water) but I’m doing well and we just had a nice breakfast at a place called Melrose Kitchen. I’ll be writing a Yelp review on the experience after this blog entry. The Yelp review will be complimentary.

We are going to stop at a local watering hole before heading back to Tucson. The weekend has been a whirlwind of activity but I have found it all enjoyable. Whirlwinds make the weekend go by quickly. It’ll be back to work tomorrow.

I’ve gotten in the habit of putting my sunglasses up over my hat visor as one must have both when living in the desert. Earl tells me I look like a golf dad. I can work with that.