It’s a rainy Saturday morning so of course I am settled in on the couch to watch an episode of “Shazam!”, the first half of the “The Shazam/Isis Hour” from 1975. I never missed an episode when I was a youngster.

Today’s episode was from season two, episode two, and probably the first episode featuring John Davey as Captain Marvel. Jackson Bostwick played Captain Marvel in season one and in the first episode of season two, but was released from the production when he didn’t come in for filming. It was later revealed he was dealing with an injury from a stunt the day before, as he did all his own stunts as Captain Marvel.

I always preferred John Davey in role, probably because of his strong jaw and handsome good looks. Plus, he had a fairly heavy beard (even though he was clean shaven) and even at age 7 I found that quite handsome.

The episode “Debbie” included a moral review tag at the end of the show, like all episodes of “Shazam” and “The Secrets Of Isis”. In “Debbie” we learn that sometimes our parents exert their authority as an expression of their love. The moral tags were definitely a strong contributor to my moral foundation.