Good Morning.

It is Sunday morning in the desert southwest. It’s currently 67°F and the sun is shining. Birds are singing in the distance and a few are fluttering around on tree branches. Every once in a while a warm breeze comes down off the nearby Rincon Mountains.

This is peace.

After a stressful end to the work week, some work yesterday morning, and other things that were basically jumbling up my thoughts a little bit, we went out with our friend Marshall last night for dinner downtown and a drink at one of the local gay bars. The particular bar skews older in attendance, and they had a DJ that was playing music from the ’80s. His playlist was really close to what I would have played at that time and I found that rather exciting. We had fun and the stress melted away.

I slept really well last night.

The car is back in our hands; we have a new premium MOPAR battery as installed by the dealer and several sets of fingers crossed that this will fix the issue. The old battery was six months old but the desert southwest is brutal on car batteries. I don’t know how folks with electric vehicles manage it. Maybe it’s the different type of battery or something.

I have a short work week as I’m traveling back east later on to visit family for the annual holiday visit. Insane airline prices have led to an agreement this would be a solo trip; Earl is going to stay home and take care of Truman and the rest of the family. I’ll be sitting in the back of the airplane for this journey, but as I always say, there is no bad seat on an airplane. It’ll be fun sitting in the double digited rows.

Last week I kvetched a little bit about the holidays. Looking over the landscape shown above I still can’t believe that we are 10 or so days from Thanksgiving.

Sometimes it feels like time stands still, probably because of the abundant sunshine and warm temperatures I still haven’t grown accustomed to.

Life could be worse.