I know most will not agree with me, but I found this segment of today’s Apple presentation to be the most compelling, and the most important.

There’s a lot of snark online about Apple and their devices and their features and all of that. I know, your flip phone could do everything plus bake a loaf of bread back in 1972. Your “blarrrrgggggghhh” tweets/Xcrements from your Android phone could wipe the floor with anyone and everyone that works at Apple. I know, I know, you need your superiority.

You know what’s superior? Taking care of the planet. Listening to Mother Nature. And Apple gets it right. And it shows, right here.

This was the most important message of today’s presentation. Let’s do everything we can to be carbon neutral, as fast as we can.

And let’s face it, Octavia Spencer is one fine Mother Nature.