September 12, 2023


I found the new iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers online so you don’t have to. Right-click and “Open Image in New Tab” to see in full size.

Announcement Day.

Today was the day of Apple’s latest round of announcements, and following the lead established during the pandemic, Apple had a slick, pre-recorded presentation to spill the goods.

I cleared my calendar at work and switched my Teams status to “Do Not Disturb” so I could enjoy the festivities.

Today Apple announced the latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The fastest iPhones ever (why wouldn’t they be?), all models showed a decent spec bump and some amazing photographic capabilities. I am currently rocking an iPhone 13 Pro, which replaced my iPhone X back in the day. To secure this iPhone 13 Pro from the family budgeting department, I had to sign a document and place an entry on the family calendar stating I would not update for three years. So I see an iPhone 16 Pro Max on the horizon for next year.

Apple also announced WATCH 9 and their latest version of the WATCH Ultra, dubbed the Ultra 2.

I guess phrases like “Windows Vista” destroyed any marketing chances in the future of having something than iterative numbers attached to device names in the 21st century.

The Apple Watch upgrades boast impressive features and more iterative spec bumps. I’m not compelled to replace my WATCH Series 7 at this time; maybe I’ll go crazy a year from now and/or when we win the lottery.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, the little skit around Apple’s initiatives for becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030 was my favorite part of today’s presentation and I’m really happy Apple is doing the right thing by focusing on a better environment. Sometimes it feels like the long way around to this goal; buying a new device the is friendlier for the environment than your current device, instead of just keeping your current device, seems like the long way around but with recycling practices and the like, it makes sense.


I know most will not agree with me, but I found this segment of today’s Apple presentation to be the most compelling, and the most important.

There’s a lot of snark online about Apple and their devices and their features and all of that. I know, your flip phone could do everything plus bake a loaf of bread back in 1972. Your “blarrrrgggggghhh” tweets/Xcrements from your Android phone could wipe the floor with anyone and everyone that works at Apple. I know, I know, you need your superiority.

You know what’s superior? Taking care of the planet. Listening to Mother Nature. And Apple gets it right. And it shows, right here.

This was the most important message of today’s presentation. Let’s do everything we can to be carbon neutral, as fast as we can.

And let’s face it, Octavia Spencer is one fine Mother Nature.