Savannah, Ga.

Relaxed., originally uploaded by iMachias.

We are spending the night at one of the hotels at Savannah / Hilton Head Int’l Airport. Today has been all about driving. We were on the road in Pennsylvania by 8:30; it was cold, windy and rainy all the way to Roanoke, Va. (hi Thom, did you see me waving?) where the sun came out and the temperature reached nearly 60.

The rest of the drive was quite pleasant yet uneventful. I had the opportunity to be a passenger for a little bit and it was quite nice to watch the countryside without having to concentrate on the road. I’m a bit of a control freak so I couldn’t completely relax but I simmered down as the ride went on. I finished up the driving after a pit stop in Charlotte, N.C.

We stopped at a Ruby Tuesday’s along Interstate 26 for supper. The folks down here are much nicer than many in Upstate New York. There are certain elements of southern hospitality that I enjoy.