My husband and I went flying on Saturday. It was a great day for a flight, actually, I should clarify, it was a great morning for a flight. We are still experiencing record heat here in the desert and after 10:00 a.m. or so it gets a bit too warm for the kind of performance I’m looking for in a Cessna Skyhawk. So, we were up at 5:15 and at the airport by 6:30.

We did a round trip flight to KIWA Mesa-Gateway Airport, just outside of Phoenix. Total flight time was two hours on the nose, clocking in around 166 miles, including run-up, taxiing, and the touch ‘n go at KIWA.

KIWA has three parallel runways that are fairly close together; a new experience for me. I had flown there once before early last year when I was working on my instrument training. It was nice to see the landscape to and ‘fro and to see where I was landing instead of doing a practiced missed approach, which is common when you’re doing your instrument training.

Earl took the photos while I flew the airplane. I forget there’s an autopilot in this C172, I have too much fun actually flying the airplane.

I am very lucky to have a husband that enjoys being my number one passenger in the airplane. After every flight I ask him if I scared him or anything that might have made him nervous. His response is always the same.