Sometimes I think of my grandparents at my age, which was 50 years or so ago, and I wonder what things were on their mind on a regular basis. One side of the family wasn’t really big on sharing their emotions all that much, the other side of the family was a little more forthcoming but if they were in my shoes today I couldn’t see any of them actually musing about these things in a public forum like this.

A friend from my radio days, who is now a guidance counselor, shared her frustrations with “helicopter” parents. Not only were they doing their child a disservice during their high school years with their parenting, but apparently they’re also an amazing site to see on forums for parents of children off to college. My friend was musing about how society is bound to collapse because when the current college bound generation is the generation in charge of things, many of them are not going to be able to function because their parents are gone and they have no critical thinking skills.

My husband and I were musing the other day about climate change and how it feels like this year it has accelerated and feels more present, especially with the run of excessive heat warning days we’ve experienced here in the Sonoran Desert. We both wondered if we would outlive the habitable period (for humans) here on Earth. So many want to make changes to help deter climate change, but too many think it’s a hoax and that we’ll be just fine because of their religious beliefs.

I wonder what my grandparents would think of that.