This is Sunshine. She joined our family in late 1976 or early 1977, and lived with us until 1989. She was a puppy when she joined the family; adopted from a litter in the South Park of the small village I grew up in while we kids were at the movies at the Kallet Theatre for a Saturday matinee. My sister originally wanted to name her Flower, but we settled on Sunshine. Per family rules, she spent the vast majority in her area surrounding an elaborate dog house my father built. She originally joined us when we lived in the mobile home, but her house was relocated to a shady spot near the new house when we moved across the street in 1977. When I was big enough we’d occasionally go running around the yard together. She was a really good dog.

I’ve been thinking about Sunshine quite a bit lately, no doubt inspired by Lucky and Jinx living with us today. She crossed the rainbow bridge over 30 years ago but every once in a while I dream about her and she makes me smile. Her memory brings a little sunshine to my life. I have no doubt that when my time comes she’ll be waiting to play again with her happy face.