It’s snowing! It’s snowing! Earl and I went for a …

It’s snowing! It’s snowing! Earl and I went for a ride today to Syracuse, and then up to Watertown through the infamous Lake Ontario Snowbelt (Pulaski had a couple of inches of snow), over to Lowville and back home through the Tug Hill Region. Drove through quite a snow storm from Lowville to Boonville – now it’s snowing here at home. Very nice.

While we were out and about I picked up one of Marilu Henner’s “get healthy” books and I’m finding it to be very interesting reading. I am going to do it. The “Total Health Makeover” in 30 days – that’s what I’m working on. It’s a 10-step program and I’m currently working on two of the steps – losing the chemicals in food and losing the sugar. Let’s see how that goes. I think Earl is thinking I’m nuts, but I really, really want to get more healthy. I want to live a more natural lifestyle. I want to feel better about myself and this is how I want to do it.

We went to the new Best Buy in town last night and picked up Spiderman on DVD. This Best Buy is quite different than others we’ve been to – arranged completely different and they have single line checkouts – much like at a bookstore or something like that. Afterwards we went to Target and did some shopping.

On Friday I started Pilates. I’m working on integrating it into my exercise routine. I’ve stuck to my routine pretty well since the change back to standard time and I feel great.

You may have noticed that I’m really trying hard to write in my blog too. I’m trying to be more expressive and get things off my chest rather than just sitting on my feelings and letting them create stress inside. I don’t need that!