When I was a kid we had two grocery store chains in town: Acme Markets and P&C Foods. In those days the stores were considered quite modern. The P&C was a little bigger than the Acme, as it had five checkout lanes and one express lane that was never used. The Acme had four checkout lanes, but friendly meat folks that would pop their head out the mirrored windows behind the meat counter. Mom would do a lot of her daily shopping at the smaller Red and White market that was locally owned close to home. Their they wrapped meat in paper and wrote the price on the paper with a grease pen.

I find Costco and the like to be overwhelming and unnecessary. For years I have mercifully been able to avoid going to Costco with any of our other family members as I complete despise the experience. I just find it to be way “too much”.

Tonight I was asked to accompany my husband to the local Costco. I was not amused. I was not happy. And we’ll leave it at that.