Chase Ready.

We’re getting close enough to my annual storm chasing trip to where I can start pinpointing the area of the country I’ll be visiting. It’s going to be an interesting trip this year; this is the first time I’m chasing in May instead of June. I knew this would result in being a little farther south than I was last year, but with the odd weather patterns as we move from La Niña to El Niño, and the jet stream doing some interesting things, it looks like I’m going to be very well acquainted with Texas and Oklahoma.

I have absolutely no issue with that.

I like exploring areas of the United States I haven’t been to before. Small towns are fascinating to me, and it makes me a little sad to see them become a little more generic or cookie cutter as corporations do their best to make each town look the same with their big box stores and chain restaurants.

Like previous trips, I plan on staying way from the Interstates as much as possible (unless it’ll get me to a storm faster), and I plan on eating at locally owned restaurants as much as I can. I’ll probably listen to local radio stations as well. Having worked in radio in a former life, radio is always fascinating to me. And with some radio stations I get a really different point of view than what I normally experience in my day to day life.

I’m looking forward to the experience. My plan is to direct my content to this blog instead of relying on social media to share my experiences.