As a geek that is fascinated by all things networked or connected, I have always had a fascination with electric power distribution, and more specifically, the higher voltage power lines that cross the country side.

There’s a particular style of pylons that support these wires in Upstate New York that I haven’t seen elsewhere in the country. Most of these carry two circuits of 115 kV (kilovolts). Their unique in that they don’t have a four point base, instead they’re designed with a two point base. I’ve never heard of one falling down because of the wind. When the North Country had their huge ice storm in the mid 1990s, this design withstood the weight of the ice.

I’ve never known who made these pylons but they’re found primarily in what used to be the Niagara-Mohawk footprint.

These lines cross the New York State Thruway just east of the Verona interchange. There’s always been several obvious “generations” of this design. The first tower is the older, the second was installed during the mid 1950s during the building of the Thruway, where an original was probably in the way of a bulldozer.