Club Life.

We are at PHL Philadelphia Int’l Airport awaiting our flight. The rental car had to be back at the lot a little early to avoid another day’s worth of fees, so we are at the airport a little early. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of our passes at the United Club.

I’m missing traveling a lot. Since the pandemic work has slowed down on travel a bit, though they’ve started up with some travel again over the past few months. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do some quality travel for work and pleasure in 2023, because I really enjoy the Jet Set Life.

As Jeannie’s sister once said, “Your Major Nelson has Jet Set potential and you’re a horse and buggy genie!”

Over breakfast I was mentioning to Earl that one of the reason I get into a “funk” at home is because I’m not interacting with the public enough. It’s not that I want to interact with the public, but I like being around the energy of being in public, from a corner where I can watch. I have always enjoyed people watching. Working from home, playing at home, and spending Saturday nights at home is kind of wearing on me. Since the pandemic is as close to “over” as it’ll ever be, and let’s face it, COVID is never going away, I’m happy to see public life getting back to something akin to “normal”. I’ve never been “normal”, my thought processes just don’t work like typical though processes and cover a whole spectrum of things at any given time, but interacting with the community in some sort of way gives me energy.

Until I have to rest from it.